Saturday, May 12, 2012

Of Memories and Freshness: Pasta alla Formiana

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"It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato." - Lewis Grizzard

When I was in elementary school (somewhere between 1st and 3rd grade, the dates are hazy) my parents, sister and I lived in a house in Southern California that had been previously owned by my grandparents. It was a bizarre kind of doubling of childhood memories: I can remember sitting with squirming impatience on the piano bench at the long dinner table during family Thanksgiving, waiting for the moment when I would be released to sit on the back steps with my Great-Uncle, hoping he would teach me more words to “You Are My Sunshine”. On top of that is the breathless weight of lying in bed in my uniquely constructed bedroom, three walls of windows swallowing me in the hum and buzz of a summer night.

But the most lasting legacy of my grandparents’ inhabitance of that house came from a row of tomato plants that ran along the back fence. If you’ve never had a fresh-picked tomato that still carries the fuzzy green scent of its attatchment to the vine, you’re missing out: I can still taste the tartfresh slide of it against a piece of cheese and bread, the overwhelming tomato-ness of it standing up to the bite of yellow mustard.

(I never said my tastes as a child were gourmet. I still contend that yellow mustard is awesome, though I have since discovered the magic of Dijon and other varieties on a sandwich and elsewhere.)

More nostalgia and tomato-fueled deliciousness after the jump!

Breaking the Radio Silence

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I have a post in the works that actually involves food and the creation thereof that I will post today or worst case tomorrow. Apologies forever about the lengthy silence. If you've wondered what I've been up to, here's my life in visual form:

So there has been sadly little in the way of cooking, but the weather's warm, the stress is lessening, and hopefully my urge to write/bake/blog will start cranking back up again!

Stay tuned!