Saturday, November 24, 2012

Worth 9,000+ Words: Fall 2012 in Words and Pictures

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If you are a frequenter of my blog (granted, that would usually be if I updated frequently, which I sort of don't) you might notice there are several new entries that seem to have magically shown up in the past. Basically, I am trying to get into more of a normal blogging schedule--we'll start with any kind of schedule, normal or not and work from there.

But also, I have recently started to exercise more. While I have been playing pick up ultimate frisbee once or twice a week with the same group of crazy engineers-and-those-who-love-them (I use the word "love" loosely here. My friends are hilarious, yes, but the kind of odd only another odd person could love. ;o) ) since 2009, I've never been what you would call an exerciser. Part of the reason I enjoy ultimate frisbee (besides the hilarious people, the fun parties we throw, and the potential for hot gossip on the sidelines) is that the exercise has a purpose, the game of throwing and catching the frisbee makes all the running and dashing and soreness bearable.

Post-Dirty Girl. Ew.
However, one of my friends from college sent out an email a couple months back about participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run, a 5K with obstacles and mud (shocker) that is all-girl, all athletic abilities, all mud, all the time. And I did it. And it was awesome.

My newest challenge? I have started the Couch to 5K running program, which basically pieces out a training regime in nine weeks that starts at running for a minute at a time... to the whole time.

Because I think that cooking and exercise often can go hand in hand (not literally, please do not run while baking, chaos will ensue), I'm thinking I will integrate my stab at healthy habits into this blog. If nothing else, it will give me more material to write about.

So never fear! The same hilarious write-up of recipes and Foodie Penpals will continue. I just might share random healthy/exercise/life tips as well. Cool?

Now, on to the promised pictures after the jump!
Here is my life in the past few months, in picture form:

Top Row
1: My friend Kyle had a birthday cake, in all of it's gluten-free glory. Much amusement was had.

2: At Dirty Girl, they give a small piece of its proceeds to fund breast cancer awareness and as we were lining up at the start line they gave out pens to write our bib number on our arms (to be the most visible for any pictures taken at the event) or to write the name of someone who we were running for. My Aunt Becky, lost to breast cancer, would have loved the hell out of a run where you celebrated getting dirty and being girly all at once. Girls in muddy tutus, man, you haven't lived til you've seen it.

3: The pile of shoes ruined by the race, waiting in a enormous pile to be cleaned and donated to those in need.

Second Row
1: The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco at night. Gorgeous. 

2: A collage homage to "Swimmy" by Leo Leonni in my first grade class, a daily reminder that we all must work together to accomplish our goals. 

3: a onesie decorated for the not-yet-born but already-extremely-loved son of friends

Third row: 
1: owl cupcakes (can you spot the oddball?) made for a park picnic. Hilarious. 
2: My cat Pete, illustrating some excellent Yoga form. 
3: Vientamese Chicken Meatballs with Spaghetti Squash and Cucumbers, evidence of a rare homemade "fancy" weeknight dinner.

Looking forward to blending my cooking life with my exercising life and sharing it all with you! Happy post-Thanksgiving weekend!

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